Sirius separates Project images, text and video into individual ‘slides’ and displays these much like a slideshow presentation, which can be browsed using the scrollbar, the navigation arrows on the right-hand side of the page, or the keyboard arrows. Each image, video, and text paragraph is treated as an individual slide. (This does not apply to content in Pages)

In order to make consecutive text paragraphs or individual words appear as separate slides, each must be wrapped inside div tags. Here’s an example of text slides.

The index page centers the thumbnails, which are by default set to a flexible width and height (*,* in your Display Options). If the number of project thumbnails exceeds the Pagination display option, it automatically loads more as you scroll down the page.

Use the arrows on your keyboard to skip between Projects, and to browse the contents inside of Projects.

Sirius has a feature called ‘Header Text,’ which performs the same function as the ‘Header Image,’ (used for a logo, site title, etc.) but is displayed as text, which can be styled in your CSS (using the .header_text class).