Crispijn van Sas is a photographer/documentary maker. He is exploring the edge of documentary style photography in the experimental context of filmmaking whithout nessicarily being a filmmaker himself but embracing the stillness and capability to capture and freeze one very specific moment in time.

He works are inspired by photographers such as Walker Evans, Stephen Shore and Alec Soth and Ed van der Elsken, but is also by directors such as Wim Wenders and Antonioni, Jim Jarmusch and by cinematographers such as Robby Müller, who have been exploring the possibility of making films since the 1960’s. It was mainly the blend between fiction and reality that was  expressed in the style of cinematography, in which the camera that ispired Crispijn. Cinema was no longer aimed at a person on set but in created in an existing context and was exposed as much as possible with the already present light.

Storytelling is central to Crispijn van Sas' work. He is currently working on the project 'Reminiscences of Excavations', a photographic project in which the shadow of Charleroi's mining past and the socio-economic and ecological consequences are poetically portrayed. In addition, he is currently working with filmmaker Onur Can Tepe on the documentary “Once upon a time a sheet of plywood arrived in Venice”, which outlines the impact of the material metabolism of the Biennale di Venezia (link). What does the production and extraction of materials for temporary exhibitions entail? And where do they end up after the six-month exhibition? This film will be shown together with a photo exhibition during the upcoming Venice Biennale in 2023 and afterwards at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Crispijn van Sas develops his own visual style  draws inspiration from and immerses himself in old photography and printing techniques. He took courses at Polychrome for making 19th century casein and carbon prints and traveled several times to Ukraine in 2021 to document street life in Lviv and several times to Berlin in 2022 to explore his project proposed in this application. Crispijn portrays people and details that fascinate him, preferably with natural light in an urban context.

In addition to the autonomous work described above, van Sas has been in demand for several years as an architectural photographer for Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Marie-José Van Hee architects (MJVHa), Elephant, Tom Thys, Thys+Gutberlet and Robbrecht en Daem, among others.